Full Detail
•Complete Hand Wash & Dry
•Clean Door & Trunk Jambs
•Clean Tires & Rims
•Bug & Road Tar Removal
•Clay Treatment

•Paste Carnuba Wax Application
•Vacuum of Interior & Trunk
•Clean & Condition Vinyl / Leather
•Upholstery Hot Water Extract
•Clean Windows, Mirrors & Trims

Express Detail
•Exterior Hand Wash & Dry
•Clean Door Jambs
•Clean Wheels & Dress Tires
•Vacuum Interior & Trunk

•General Interior Wipe Down
•Mid-Console & Dash Detailed
•All Glass & Mirrors Cleaned
•Fragrance Upon Request ***

Interior Detail
•Vacuum of Interior & Trunk
•Clean Vinyl Trim, Door Panels,
Cup holders, Dash & Console
•Shampoo Upholstery & Mats

•Clean and Condition Vinyl / Leather
•Clean Interior Glass
•Fragrance Upon Request ***
•Washing of Door Jambs Upon Request ***

Exterior Detail
•Complete Hand Wash & Dry
•Bug & Road Tar Removal
•Clean Tires & Door Jambs
•Condition Rubber Seals
•Moldings, Chrome, Stainless

•Clay Treatment
•Paste Carnuba Wax Application
•Dress Tires
•Courtesy Vacuum, Glass & Mirrors

Basic Wash & Vacuum Packages
Exterior Hand Wash & Dry (Includes Wheel & Door Jambs)
Interior Cleaning (Windows, Interior Dust & Vacuum)

Basic Wash and Vacuum Package

New Vehicle Appearance & Protection
•Clay Treatment
•Paint Sealant Application
•Paste Carnuba Wax Application
•Fabric and Carpet Staingaurd Application

Additional Services
Machine Buff / Polish (for scratches or oxidation)
Paint Touch-up
Engine Compatment Detail
Over-spray Removal
Waterspot Removal
Rain-X Application
Convertable Top Protectant
Wheel Cleaning & Polishing
Headlight Restoration
Window Tint Removal
Logo / Decal Removal
Refinish Exterior Body Trim

Pricing may vary depending on vehicle size & overall condition.

For more information, please contact us by phone or email.

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